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Sunday, April 14, 2019

6 Surprising Facts About Vatanika

6 Surprising Facts About Vatanika

So it comes as energizing news when these two conspicuous design identities choose to collaborate for an exceptional cooperation. Formally holding hands out of the blue, the team is set to open Bangkok International Fashion Week 2019, with their show 'After the Lovers'. As we get energized for the amazements that unquestionably lie available, Prestige stopped for a moment to talk with the two on their contemplations. Peruse on underneath.

On their kinship:

Han professes to recall particularly the first occasion when he met Prae, because of her striking feeling of style. Might he be able to tell from that point that she would be the style sensation she is today? "Obviously," he includes facetiously, "else I wouldn't have been companions with her."

To Prae, the fellowship was unavoidable — "to be completely forthright, I knew both of us must be companions. He was essentially the special case who conversed with me," she giggles.

On the Self-Portrait/Vatanika lady:

The Self-Portrait lady is tied in with living and having a fabulous time. Han depicts contradicting the possibility that regular wear must be common, accepting from the begin that garments could be advantageous and lovely in the meantime. "I constantly needed to structure for the ordinary lady. She needs things which she can play around with, and she gets a kick out of the chance to be taken note. I discover it very tragic on the off chance that you purchase another dress and, at that point you stroll into an occasion, and nobody focuses on what you're wearing. You need to make a passage."

While Han plans for a lady to mess around with her life and closet, Prae urges ladies to be sure and set out to-be-you. "The DNA of Vatanika would be a solid, sure lady. She would know her identity, what she needs, and she would pull out all the stops. What's more, she doesn't need to pick, since she trusts that she can have everything."

On consolidating the two ladies into one:

While both Vatanika and Self-Portrait have their own particular image DNA, the two marks discover shared view with regards to the message they need to provide for ladies over the globe. "The idea driving this coordinated effort is basically about engaging the cutting edge lady," clarifies Prae, "to let her realize that she can be whoever she needs to be."

On spring/summer 2019:

In spite of the innovativity and new manifestations, Vatanika will dependably be Vatanika. "The spring/summer accumulation still pursues the DNA of the brand, so despite everything you'll see the pinstripes and the ribbon, and there will be a great deal of Vatanika's mark outlines. While we will uncover a great deal of mark pieces, it's still noticeably the Vatanika lady."

Self-Portrait's accumulation concentrates a great deal on summer vibes. "I generally need the young ladies wearing my plans to live it up, so for spring/summer, I was enlivened by my trek to Ibiza," Han swings to Prae and they burst into an attack of giggling, reviewing affectionate recollections from an excursion they'd both shared. "Since beginning the brand, I haven't gone on an appropriate summer occasion in a very long time, and this is the main occasion I've been on in the previous five years. So it was entirely rousing for me to have spent my mid year in Spain, where everything is so distinctive and fun. I needed to depict that, so it's a great deal of fun, and vaporous — reasonable for this sort of climate in Thailand. I needed to make structures that can be worn in warm climate, and let ladies still look incredible while they're making the most of their late spring fun.

On collaborating:

"We've generally had the plan to do things together, since back when we were in school," Han reviews, "however we never had the chance to do it, since style demonstrates are typically made by only one originator. So when BIFW moved toward us, we figured, for what reason don't we do it together in light of the fact that we've been pondering this thought for so long. We thought it was the ideal chance and timing."

The two had been arranging a coordinated effort for so long that when the possibility came, Prae clarifies the choice didn't take long to make. "We contemplated internally, 'should snatch it and do it — it'll be entertaining'".

On battles:

"It's really something to be thankful for to battle," Han trusts, "I think since we are both so energetic, we would battle for the things we needed in light of the fact that we were both making progress toward the absolute best. At the point when two enthusiastic individuals cooperate, battles can really be extremely solid, since it implies we need to improve our work."

On progress:

For Self-Portrait, achievement comes from a devotion to the ladies who wear his dresses. "I discover it extremely vital to get 'her', what she needs, and how she needs to feel when she puts on a dress. It's imperative to engage her and make her vibe extremely uncommon. I think with garments and ladies, there is such an individual connection between these two. On the off chance that you make ladies feel great in your garments, she would have a magnificent involvement in them.

On the eventual fate of Thai design:

From a pariah's viewpoint, Han confesses to being an aficionado of Thai design. "I've constantly enjoyed Thai style. I think the style world is so worldwide now as a result of online networking, and as long as you have a point of view, your work can represent you." He takes Vatanika for instance of a nearby brand that figured out how to raise Thai planners to the worldwide stage. "It doesn't make a difference where you are any longer," he says, "it's the message you convey. On the off chance that you have a point of view, individuals are eager for things that are one of a kind and exceptional." To him, Bangkok International Fashion Week is only the initial step. "You folks have such a solid style, and the nation is so excellent. I'm certain a great deal of fashioners would need to come here."