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Sunday, April 07, 2019

Operating System Complete Info

Operating System Complete Info

We often hear Android, Windows, KaiOS, etc. Now everyone knows that this is all the operating system. These few people know that what is the work of an operaring system? How does the operating system work? So today we are going to see the answer to this question. Then read this post full and you will know how the operating system works.

What are the operating systems?

Operating system is a collection of programs that manage all the functions of a computer. There are more software in the operating system such as a library and an API that helps in creating a program. The OS is not only on smartphones and computers, but also in OS things like watch, some speakers, etc. It is impossible to run smart things without OS. That's why all the smart things are os.

OS is the life of any system. Nearly all applications and software are made by keeping OS in mind. Suppose you are playing a game in your computer, now that game does not know which hardware to use your computer, how much RAM is to take, or how much GPU is to take, all of that game is not known. This work is done by an OS. The operating system itself decides how much RAM and GPU should be given to that game. So all the resources that are managed, are the same OS.

Operating system work is a program that runs all the software and applications of a computer. Directive can not be understood by the computer's hardware software and application instruction, that is why the operating system is required. The Kuki operating system performs a middle function between computer hardware and software. Because of this medium, any computer's hardware command reaches the software. So basically, the operating system's work is to get the instruction of hardware to the software.

Let's understand this with an example. Let's download any browser with the help of Internet in our own computer. Now this browser is stored in your hardware. Now this browser will work only when we install it. It works on the operating system, without any operating system, you can not install that browser on your computer. To run any software, you have to install it with the help of the operating system first. In simple language, if you want to talk to any hardware and software then you will have to call the operating system first. So this is the work of the operating system.

Operating system types

There are total 2 types of operating systems according to user interface -

Graphic User Interface Here we see the menu, icons, on our computer such as a browser, of an application, that's called a GUI. With the help of Graphic user interface, we can access any software by clicking on the mouse. Suppose we have to access the Chrome browser, we will see the icon of chrome and click on it, the chrome browser will be opened.

In the Command Line Interface CLI, we can not see any icon, which we can access by clicking. In order to access the Command Line Interface we have to give command for whatever access we need. Now suppose you have to install an application, you will not see any icon which you can right click and install, you will have to give command to install that application will be installed. This is what Command Promt you see in Windows.
The operating system's main function, however, is a lot of work in the operating system, but what works most are the user interface. Any OS developer also wants that they provide such a user interface that the customer has no problem. So let's look at some of its main functions.

Resource Management - The first task of the OS is the resource management. The OS is the only way to manage all resources that are connected to the system. Such as process, RAM, mouse, keyboard, etc. All of these have to be managed by the operating system itself.

Storage Management - The OS does the work of memory or storage management. Just like what file will be called, or size of the file, or how to provide the file's data to the user, and how much data is to be accessed, all this operating system sees.

User Interface - As I mentioned above, the main reason for any OS hit or flop is greatly enhanced on the UI. If the user interface is good then the user will be able to identify anything or access it. So this is also the work of the OS. So these are some functions of the operating system. Now let's look at some UI components that greatly affect the OS.