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Monday, October 07, 2019

Monday, October 07, 2019

Virtual Private Network (VPN) : A brief discussion

Virtual Private Network (VPN) : A brief discussion

Hey readers, Today's topic is very fascinating because today we're going to talk about Network is generally known as Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN is a private network of the public network.

This is a private network that gives permission to send or receive information or data from public networks.
VPN is also called the main program by which you can use the internet properly.

We can easily use a VPN on our laptops, computers and as well as by Phone. VPN is created by generating point to point connections with the servers.

VPN - Virtual Private Network

Friday, October 04, 2019

Friday, October 04, 2019

Best Solar Panel : A natural energy converter

Best Solar Panel : A natural energy converter

Today we’re going to talk about the solutions for the electricity problems facing the whole world.

Now, Electricity is becoming the most valuable source of energy. People need electricity for doing most of the work in their daily life. This makes the Problem of the un-fulfillment of demand for electricity.

Some years ago, the people haven't any kind of alternative to this problem but when the problem of lack of electricity becomes critical scientists start their research and invent SOLAR PANEL.

You should know about the solar panel and which is the best company for this product.

So, what is the SOLAR PANEL? and Which is the best company for the product (SOLAR PANEL).

Let’s get find out.

Solar panel

Loom Solar Penal
Loom Solar

It is a gadget that is a collection of solar cells that absorbs energy from sunlight and produce energy by converting solar energy into electric energy. It means that it absorbs sunlight and uses it as a source of energy to generate direct current/electricity. It is of two types; mono and poly technology in which the efficiency differs in both types. The product that is available in the market gives different efficiency in which Mono technology gives 15% to 20% and Poly technology gives 15% to 17% of efficiency. 

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

iPhone Xr - should you buy it or not?

iPhone Xr -  should you buy it or not?   

Hey readers, today's topic is very interesting because today we are going to talking about A full review of the phone called the most selling phone in the world with a selling rate of 2.7 crore in the whole world. We're here going to talking about the best phone of 2019 from Apple named Apple iPhone XR.

iphone xr

Key Specification

1. Display; 6.10-inch (828x1792)
2. Processor; Apple A12 Bionic 
3. Front Camera; 7MP 
4. Rear Camera; 12MP 
5. Storage; 64GB
6. Operating system; iOS 12

Let’s discuss about Apple iPhone XR

Apple iPhone XR smartphone was launched in September 2018. The phone comes with a 6.10-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 828x1792 pixels at a pixel at a pixel density 326 pixels per inch (ppi).

Apple iPhone XR is powered by a hexa-core apple A12 Bionic Processor.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Top 5 Web Hosting Services

Top 5 Web Hosting Services

Hey readers, Today’s topic is fascinating because we are going to talk about something extraordinary “web hosting services, and top 5 web hosting services.” Firstly, speak Web hosting services. Let’s check it out.

Top 5 Web Hosting Services
Top 5 Web Hosting Services

Web hosting services are also a type of internet hosting services that allow individuals and organization to make their website accessible via the world wide web. Web hosts are the companies that provide space on the server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, and it is a data center. It can also provide data center space and connectivity to the internet for other servers located in their data center, called collocation, also known as Hosting in Latin America or France.

This is a time to discuss top 5 “website hosting services,” Let’s check it out.

 1. GoDaddy : 


It is the web hosting service company that comes first on the list of top 5 hosting services. GoDaddy Inc. is an American publicly traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company. It’s headquartered is located in Scottsdale, Arizona< and incorporated in Delaware. It is approximately 18.5 million customers and over 9,000 employees worldwide as of March 2019. It is known for its advertising on TV and in the newspapers. It has been involved in several controversies related to censorship.

2. Network Solutions :

Network Solutions
Network Solutions

 It is the second-largest web hosting service in the list of top 5 “web hosting service.” Network Solution, LLC is an American-based technology company and a subsidiary of web.com, the fourth-largest domain name registrar with 6,722,545 registrations as of August 2018. Network solution provides web services such as web hosting, website design and online marketing, including search engine optimization and pays per click management, in addition to being a domain name registrar.

3. InMotion :

It is the third-best web hosting services in our list. In Motion, Hosting is an employee-owned and -operated domain name and web hosting name and web hosting company. It was founded in 2001. Its web hosting network is based on Linux and Unix operating system. The company maintains offices in Virginia and California.

4. Hostinger.com :

It is a top fourth web hosting service in our list. Hostinger International, Ltd. Is an employee-owned web hosting provider and internet domain registrar? It established in 2004, Hostinger now has over 29 million users, collectively with its subsidiaries in 178 countries. The company uses cloud web hosting technology and provides hosting with MySQL, FTP and PHP. Holsinger is a parent company of 000webhodt, Nonghosted and weblink.

5. Host Papa :

Host Papa
Host Papa

 It is the 5th top web hosting service in our list. Host Papa is a Canada-based privately-owned web hosting company that provides shared, reseller, and virtual private server (VPS) hosting. It operates in this country = Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, European Union, France, Ireland, Belgium and Spain. In 2016 the company provided hosting services to more than 180,000 websites.

So, here are the top international hosting brands of the world. Who can give the domain to your website?

Monday, September 23, 2019

Monday, September 23, 2019

Google AdSense - A earning platform

Google AdSense - A earning platform 

Hey readers, today article is fascinating and knowledgeable for you. In this article, we are going to talk about something crucial for the new generation. The new generation is the generation of internet and people are wanted to do something on the internet. Everyone wants to earn money on the internet. That's is Google Adsense. So, let's know Google Adsense.
Google adsense

Google Adsense is the program that started by Google and run by Google. Through which website publishers in the Google network of content sites serve text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements that targeted to the site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google. AdSense can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. 

Google AdSense is of the different type discussed below :

               Image result for google adsense
  • Content; It is the type of Adsense which is content-based advertisements, and It can be targeted for users with individual interest or contexts. The targeting can be CPC (Cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions) based.

  • Search; It is a type of Adsense which is for search allows publishers to display ads relating to search terms on their site and receive 51% of the revenue generated from those ads. It has also custom search ads can be displayed either alongside the result from an Adsense custom search Engine or alongside internal search results through the use of custom search Ads. 

  • Video; It is another type of Google Adsense. It allows earning revenue using ad placement from Google's extensive-advertising network video content ads on their websites. The publisher can decide what kind of ads will show with their video inventory.

  • Link units; It is a different kind of strictly targeted to the interest of your users. Because the users directly interact with the ad unit, they may be more interest in the ads they eventually see. 

Let's discuss How the Adsense works.

  • The web maker who wishes to participate in Adsense inserts the Adsense JavaScript code into a webpage.

  • Whenever users visit the page, the JavaScript code uses inline JSON to display content fetched from Google's servers.

  • Google servers use a web cache of the page created by its Media bot "crawler" for contextual to determine a set of high-value keywords. 

  • For website-targeted advertisements, the advertiser firstly chooses the pages on which to display advertisements, and pays based on cost per mile (CPM).

  • For the referral, Google adds money to the advertiser's account when visitors either download the referred software or subscribe to the related services.

  • Search advertisements are added to the list of results only after the visitor, and users perform a search.

  • Because of the JavaScript is sent to the web browser when the page is requested, other website owners can copy the JavaScript code into their webpages. For the protection of this type of fraud, Adsense publishers can specify the pages on which advertisements should be shown. 

Hope, all the things that are discussed above are clear about the Adsense, Type of Adsense and How it's work.
Monday, September 23, 2019

Credit Cards - An overdraft facility by the bank

Credit Cards - An overdraft facility by the bank 

Hey readers, today's topic is very interesting because today we are going to talking about credit cards.

A credit card refers to that facility by which a bank allows the facility to its customers that they can use an overdraft facility when they require it. 

Credit cards are of many types and the types are.

1. Business Credit Cards

These types of cards are generally used for business owners so, that they can use this to do their business transaction easily and separately.

2. Limited Purpose Cards

These types of credit cards are used for specific payments for specific places.
These types of cards contain many types of cards like gas credit cards and many others.

3. Prepaid Cards

In this type of card, the cardholder has to maintain the money into the card. 
These cards don't contain minimum payments because the withdraw is done from the balance you made. This card is just like debit cards.

4. Sub Prime Credit Cards

These cards are called the worst credit card because a customer can apply if they have a bad credit score because in the issuing process of this credit card the credit value is not checked. They charge very high interest.

5. Secured Credit Cards

This type of credit card is made for those people who don't have a credit history.
It only contains the security deposits on the place of this card. The number of secured credit cards is equal to the amount on the card.

6. Charge card

It doesn't have a credit limit and the whole balance was paid in full. It doesn't have a preset spending limit. It also not contain a minimum limit because the whole of the balance was paid in full.

7. Student credit card

This type of card is specially designed for college students. These types of credit cards are issued to college students who have a minimum and no credit history.

8. Rewards credit card

Rewards credit card refers to that kind of card that is given as an offer or as a reward. It has three main types Cashback, Reward points and many more.

9. Balance Transfer credit card

This card contains a low introductory rate on balance transfer for a certain period of time. Their interest is very low or sometimes 0. To avail the facility of Balance Transfer Credit Card you have to maintain a good credit score.

10. Standard credit cards

Standard credit cards are also called 'Plain vanilla' credit cards. 
The best advantage of this type of card that they are easy to understand. 

In this service, the bank who provides you this type of credit card sets a certain limit for revolving balance.

So, here we have discussed what is a credit card and what types of credit are present in our market.

Now, we are going to understand the advantages of Credit Cards

1. A credit card contains an overdraft facility so we can do a transaction when we have no money in our bank account.

2. It helps us to improve our Credit Score.

3. It increases the purchasing power of its users because they can buy anything which lies in the limit of their card no matters that they have money or not.

4. It reduces the carrying cash system 

By using Credit Card we don't have to carry cash if we want to buy something. We can easily do the transaction through credit cards.

So, we are here discuss the advantages of Credit cards. Here are some disadvantages of credit cards.

1. The biggest advantage of a credit card is that this card appreciates its holders to spend more on purchases.

2. If the payment of credit card not received in time it changes huge interest to their users.

So, These are the Whole information about the Credit card. 
Monday, September 23, 2019

Cryptocurrency - A Digital Money

Cryptocurrency - A Digital Money

Hey readers, this article is fascinating because it is based on cryptocurrency. So, we are going to know about cryptocurrency. Let's talk about that.


A cryptocurrency is a digital asset. It is a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets. Cryptocurrencies use decentralized control, as opposed to centralized digital currency and central banking system.

The decentralization control of cryptocurrency works through distributed ledger technology, typically a blockchain, that serves as a public financial transaction database.

First released open-source software is Bitcoin which is released in 2009. It is generally considered as the first decentralized cryptocurrency. Since the release of bitcoin, over 4000 altcoins have been created.

Now, this is the time to describe the type of Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin: It is a digital currency that you can send to other people. This may be as a gift, for services or a product. You get the idea --- it's just like the money we use in our bank accounts (USD, EUR, etc.). But it's digital isn't physical. With bitcoin, each transaction happens directly between users - it's called a peer-to-peer network. This is all possible thanks to the blockchain. It allows users to send and receive Bitcoin without using the third party. 

Altcoin: It is another type of cryptocurrency, and It is just an alternate version of Bitcoin with minor changes. There are more than a thousand altcoins in existence, but don't let the number scare you. It's important to understand, through that not all altcoins are just alternative to Bitcoin. Some are very very different from Bitcoin and have different goals/purposes.

Token (for daps) : The third primary type of cryptocurrency is a token - The same kind we've just been talking about. Out of the three main types of cryptocurrency, these are the ones I find most interesting. Compared to the other two main types of cryptocurrency, they are unique in the fact that they do not have their blockchain.

Litecoin (LTC): It was launched in 2011, and it was among the initial cryptocurrencies following the bitcoin. It has often been referred to as "silver to bitcoin's gold." Charlie Lee created it, an MIT graduate, and former Google engineer. Litecoin is based on an open-source global payment network that is not controlled by any central authority and uses "script" as a proof of work, which can be decoded with the help of CPUs of consumer-grade. 

Ethereum (ETH): It was launched in 2015; It is a decentralized software platform that enables quick contacts and Distributed Application to be built and run without any downtime, fraud, control or interference from a third party.


                    Image result for cryptocurrency

After reading this guide about Cryptocoin, you should be much more familiar with the most popular cryptocurrency that exists. You know how they are different from one another, and you understand some of the pros and cons of each. 

This puts you in a much better possibility to start doing further research and making your own opinion on each of them. 
Monday, September 23, 2019

Top 10 High CPC keyword of 2019

Top 10 High CPC keyword of 2019

Hey readers, do you know about CPC? Let's talk about that. CPC Stands for "cost per click," and is used in online advertising. CPC defines how much revenue a publisher receives each time a user clicks an advertisement link on his website. A publisher can place a text or image-based ads on his website. When a visitor clicks one of the advertisements, he or she is directed to the advertiser's website. The advertiser records each click's tracking system, and the publisher is paid a certain amount based on the CPC.

High cpc Keyword
High Cpc Keyword

Let's know about keywords.

A keyword in a word or a short phrase describing the topic of a web page. In practice, a keyword is the search query that you type into the search engine before hitting enter and seeing what it pulls up. 

Top 10 Highest CPC Keyword (2019) :


Insurance : It is the prime first ranked in the High CPC keyword in 2019. It's CPC is $58 which is the very highest that is only in insurance, because of today's people are awarding about insuring and almost all people know about that and want to know more and take profit from the policy.

Gas Electricity

Gas/Electricity : It is at the second no. in the High CPC keyword list of 2019. It's CPC is recorded as $54, which is not a small amount. 


Mortgage : It is in the third position in the highest CPC keyword of 2019. It's an amount that recorded are $47, which is the third-highest payable amount. 


Attorney :  It comes on the fourth position in the list of High CPC keyword. It's a payable amount that is recorded is $47, which is the fourth-best amount from high CPC keyword.


Loans : It's coming on the fifth no. on the highest CPC keyword that is searched on the internet. Its payable amount is $44, that is the fifth-best amount because many banks are giving the best facility and most people are awarded about it.


Lawyer : It comes on the sixth no. in the list of highest CPC keyword in 2019. It's the payable amount that is recorded is $42, which is not less amount.


Donate : It is coming on the seventh no. in the high CPC keyword. Its amount that is recorded is not less that is $42, which is much enough.

conference call

Conference Call : conference call contains the 7th position in this list. It is an interesting topic this is search by most of the online media. The cost per click of the matter about a conference call is about 42$ in the year 2019.


Degree : This is to be called a very knowledgeable topic this year and contain 9th position in the higher CPC articles on these topics are giving knowledge about various kinds of professional courses. The CPC of degrees information is 40$.

Credit Score

Credit : Credit contains the position of number 10 in the high CPC list. It includes the price of 38$ cost per click in the year 2019. So, here is the list of top 10 high CPC keywords of 2019 with their CPC rate.